Is everyone a photographer ?

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A smartphone camera is convenient, may capture a memory but has many limitations.

In essence it is in control and you just press the button.

What if it was the other way around?

You in control and making (not taking) the pictures you want.

 We all know a good picture when we see one and want our pictures to look the same.

In these 2 hrs person-to-person you will get a great start on your journey to perfect pictures.

You tell me a bit about your knowledge and we will focus on what you need.

You ask the questions and get the answers.

You get tips and tricks I have learned over 25 years as a photographer.

“A great introduction into the world of photography, a little bit of everything, well explained and demonstrated.”

“Thanks for a great course. I am looking forward to the next one.
 Loving the new hobby 🙂 “

– Megan

Personal workshops

Master my camera

Perhaps you have a (new) camera and want to understand what the P,A,S,M, ISO, BKT, AF etc. buttons mean?

Perhaps you have been taking pictures for years but they never turn out the way you want?

Your camera is a tool and we will learn how to master it. We start from the beginning and decipher the cameras controls. From P (Program Mode), we learn the Advantages of A (Aperture priority), the Significance of S (Shutter priority) and venture into Master (M) Manual mode. Understand when to use what and why. You will learn the impact of ISO and White Balance, how and in which circumstances you can use depth of field to your advantage. You will learn composition “rules” just so you can bend or break them. The goal is to make (you are in control) not take (the camera is in control) perfect pictures.

Each workshop is 2 hrs. Click the button below to choose your preferred date/ time. Confirmation  will follow.

149 Euros (for 1 person) or 198 Euros (for two persons). (No payment until the workshop is confirmed)

Portraits, flash and travel

Your friends never like the pictures you take of them?

If you know the basics we can take it further and focus on portrait or flash photography.  Perhaps you want to learn how to light a female face and/or a male face. How did Rembrandt do it? How to use bokeh to focus on what is most important in any portrait.

Need extra light? Shooting with flash is different and very creative and not only for dark nights. Learn the limitations and advantages.

Want to take better pictures when you travel?

You love travel but the pictures you’ve taken looks nothing like the place you visited.Timing is not everything but is important, we learn why. How to cover and compose for impact? How do they make the sky so blue?  How to organise your pictures when you come home?  How to show them, a book, slide show or video?  “Must have” equipment? Every trip is worth a memory. Make the most of it.

Each workshop is 2 hrs. Click the button below to choose your preferred date/ time. Confirmation  will follow.

149 Euros (for 1 person) or 198 Euros (for two persons). (No payment until the workshop is confirmed)

Workshop Location

We will meet at my studio on Hillebrant Jacobsplein 48, 2515 XS The Hague. It is located about 400  meters from the central station in direction towards Hollands Spoor station. When you see pictures in the window you know that you are at the right place. View on Google maps.

Tea and coffee will be served freely throughout the workshop.

For the outdoor practice we will stay in the neighborhood and come back into the studio to wrap up.

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