Prints, cards, workshops and photo shoots

Prints & postcards

The Hague

Limited or Open edition

150×100 cm (60×40″) – 40×60 cm (16×24″)

Starting from € 149

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Limited or Open edition

150×100 cm (60×40″) – 40×60 cm (16×24″)

Starting from € 195

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The Hague favourites

10 postcards  15×10 cm (6×4″)

€ 9.95

3020-320 NL iPad05

Portrait shoots

On location

You look your best at a favourite location.

A two-hour Magazine style photo shoot

A memory or gift for life.

 € 495

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Studio shoot

In the studio for a perfect portrait.

The focus is on you.

Give it away or keep it.

 € 195

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Workshop for One

Two hours of learning with personal focus.

You have a new camera and want to learn how to use it.

Or you are ready to take portraits,

use flash or make better travel pictures.

 € 129

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Workshop for two

Bring a friend for some quality learning

Two hours of learning together.

First-time photographer, we get the basics done

Making portraits, use flash or take great vacation photos.

 € 198

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Downloadable .pdf for universal use

trees are precious – read e-books


Weapons of Mass Destruction

– Iraq 1991-96 –

A personal pictorial account of a United Nations Weapons Inspector in Iraq under Saddam. When I left in 1996 UNSCOM had reported to the UN Security Council that there “were no military significant quantities” of WMD left in Iraq.  I had with my own eyes and cameras seen and witnessed the destruction of most of the Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Weapons facilities as well as the long-range missiles to deliver them.

Downloadable PDF, 124 pages

€ 19.95

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America first

5000 miles from sea to shining sea across the USA during the first 100 days of the Trump administration.

Release date January-2018