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Weapons of Mass Destruction

– Iraq 1991-96 –

A personal pictorial account of a United Nations Weapons Inspector in Iraq under Saddam. When I left in 1996 UNSCOM had reported to the UN Security Council that there “were no military significant quantities” of WMD left in Iraq.  I had witnessed the destruction of most of the Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Weapons facilities as well as the long-range missiles to deliver them.

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€ 19.95

America first

“from sea to shining sea”

40 days, 12 states, 5000 miles

Two months after the largest upset in recent US presidential elections the winner a brash loud-mouthed New Yorker moved into the White House. He had promised to “make America great again”. From the outside, it appeared unbelievable that the US electorate had chosen Trump, perhaps even to himself, what had happened and how big of a difference would it be? It was time to find out. It was time for the great American road trip during the first 100 days of the Trump presidency.

Downloadable PDF, 242 pages

€ 19.95

Öppna Landskap

– a Scandinavian road trip –

from the South of Norway, by fjords, one of the curviest roads in Europe and wading through snow in mid-June. Southbound through reindeer herds, cruisers at midnight, midsummer and IKEA all in a Volvo.

Downloadable PDF, 64 pages

€ 9.95